You don’t need Big Bucks to Buy Original Art

My local arts league opened its 8th annual Juried Art Exhibition last weekend, the exhibit includes 90 paintings, photographs and sculptures by 20 local artists. Some of the artists have exhibited and sold their work in previous years others are new to the show. The lowest priced painting is $90 the highest $1,400. Which brings me to this question: why don’t people see the value in original art?

You can pick up a beautifully framed original art piece at this show for under $500. I purchased a large piece by Peihong Endris, an acclaimed Chinese artist and teacher, a few years back at the same exhibit for under $1,000 including the frame. She has three framed pieces in this show in the $500 range. Google her, you will be amazed. I also own two pieces by Margo Green, one of the visionaries behind the Pearland Arts League.

The first place winner, “Deeper Root” by Joan Moody is $825 framed, second place “Reckless Love” by Sherri Harris is $575. Both pieces would look superb over a couch or fireplace. Brazosport Center for Art & Sciences in Lake Jackson has regular art exhibits and the pricing is very similar. It’s rare to find a large original painting over $1,000.

Repeating:  Why don’t people see the value in original art?

A few decades ago, an art educator shared his guidelines for buying art. Everyone knows the first rule…buy something you love, and the price won’t matter as much. The second rule; meet the artist and ask questions about their painting (s), get to know them and deal direct. The third rule, nurture your creative side. Go to upscale art shows (way over your head) and museums to open your eyes to techniques, color, content and pricing. Sketch whenever and where ever you can. What you learn will surprise you. Fourth rule; be ready to buy don’t pass up something you love.

I’m stopping by the exhibit later today and the fourth rule is on my mind. An open space in the foyer is screaming for attention. Will it happen?


Note:  The Pearland Art League exhibit will be on display through August, 2018, at RE/MAX Top.

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