Travel Log: Gruyères, Switzerland The Twilight Zone With Cheese


An uphill cobblestone street takes you to the beautiful Chateau in the heart of the village. All very Swiss with shops and restaurants on both sides of the street, crisp fall weather and the smell of Fondue cooking in pots. Lovely walk. But, inside the Chateau gates, I was stunned by a full-sized alien perched outside the H. R. Giger Museum. Had I passed into the fifth dimension of imagination into the Twilight Zone? It sure felt like it.

Uncommonly Good Cookie, Bigger is Better


The contents of my lunchbox in elementary school rarely changed; a PB&J sandwich, potato chips, three cookies and a carton of milk. I always ate the cookies first, in my young hands they were huge and so good. My favorite store-bought cookie has always been Keebler’s Pecan Shortbread Sandies. As advertised, they are uncommonly good, … Continue reading Uncommonly Good Cookie, Bigger is Better

You don’t need Big Bucks to Buy Original Art

My local arts league opened its 8th annual Juried Art Exhibition last weekend, the exhibit includes 90 paintings, photographs and sculptures by 20 local artists. Some of the artists have exhibited and sold their work in previous years others are new to the show. The lowest priced painting is $90 the highest $1,400. Which brings … Continue reading You don’t need Big Bucks to Buy Original Art